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Loris Grandinetti


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Hi there 👋! I am a self-learner developer, I really like programming and have fun with personal projects.

I have a strong passion for coding. I have been interested in technology since I was a child, and I have always had a curiosity about how software works. Over time, I have honed my skills through online courses, tutorials, and working on personal projects.

One of the most exciting things about coding for me is the satisfaction of seeing my ideas come to life through my work. I love the creative process of brainstorming ideas, designing the interface, and then bringing it to life through code.

I am a problem solver by nature, and I enjoy the challenge of finding elegant solutions to complex problems. My attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality code has allowed me to develop projects that are both efficient and user-friendly.

I am eager to continue developing my skills as a developer and to work on challenging projects that will allow me to further expand my knowledge and experience. I am confident that my passion for coding, combined with my dedication and hard work, will make me a valuable asset to any team.

My Work



This project is in progress but it's about a simple exchange for ETH based on ReactJS, NodeJS and Solidity.

Dashboard Admin

A usefull ready to use Admin Dashboard made with ReactJS.


A webapp in progress, it will give you an obscurate map and work with geolocalizations, when the user move in the dark the map will be no more obscure!


AI Evaluator is a Python application that allows you to load a trained machine learning model and evaluate its performance on a given dataset. The application provides a graphical user interface (GUI) built using the tkinter library, which allows you to easily load a model and a test dataset, and view the evaluation results.

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I post all my work here. I don't want to link it yet because I want to sort it out a little bit!


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